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MOTEK-300 Molecular sieve for double glazing

Date:2016-04-19 22:33

Motek-300   molecular sieve 3A for double glazing unit  can deeply co adsorb the resident moisture and organics in insulating glass unit, keep the insulating glass clear and transparent even at very low temperature. expanded the life of insulating glass windows.

Main specifications:
1. Adsorption water only, can’t adsorption oxygen and nitrogen .
2. Light alkalinity, PH is 10.5.couldn’t damage alumina strips of the insulating glass
3. Water adsorption ratio is 0.04g/s
4. High water adsorption ≥20%
5.  No water desorption in normal atmospheric temperature.
6.  Typical packing: 25kg/carton drum, 25kg/inner vacuum alumina foil + carton box
7.  Typical size: 0.5-0.9mm(for automatic filling machine),1.0-1.5mm(manually filling machine)
8.   Attention: Prevention against water, open until using.

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