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We're a professional manufacturer and exporter for high quality double glazing components, our products including standard aluminium spacer bar, bendable aluminum spacer bar, butyl coated aluminum spacer bar, two-component silicone sealant, two-component silicone sealant, butyl, molecular sieve and other components for insulating glass unit manufacturing.

We have 16 sets advanced cold roll forming and high frequency induction welding machines for aluminium spacer bar producing, months productivity for all kinds of aluminum spacer bar more than 50 million meters. All kinds of spacer bar have enough stock which let us can effect delivery in time to meet your delivery requirement.

6 sets of double group silicone sealant equipments make us can produce insulating glass two-component sealant 4500 ton, double group structure silicone sealant 150 ton monthly. Butyl productivity is 100 ton monthly, molecular sieve productivity is 150 ton monthly.

We have an experience research and development team, quality inspection department, which makes our products features reliable quality and very good performance.