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BUTEK-600 Butyl sealant for insulated glass unit

Date:2016-05-16 16:32

BUTEK-600 insulating glass butyl sealant is a polyisobutylene-based material as a single component, solvent-free, permanent plastic primary sealant for insulated glass unit manufacturing.
Because of its excellent UV resistance, good air tightness, low water vapor transmission, constitutes a superior moisture resistance and inert gas exchange system together with other flexible sealant (second sealing sealants like polysulfide, silicone, etc.) to protect the life of insulating glass.

Main specifications:
1.     Base: PIB, Polyisobutylene, solvent-free.
2.     Colour: black
3.     Density: 1.18~1.20 g/cm³
4.     Extruding temperature: 130~150 °C
5.     Packing units: ø160 – 5.5kg, ø180-7.0kg
6.     Extremely low water vapor and gas transmission rate
7.     Good adhesion to glass and spacer bar
8.     Proven compatibility with silicones according to GB/T11944-2002
9.     Good processing properties for all common butyl extruders, also available as pre-extruded tape.