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SITEK-772 Two-component silicone sealant

Date:2016-04-19 21:56

Siteck -772 is a two component room temperature curing silicone insulating glass sealant. has excellent resistance to weathering performance, adjustable curing time.
Neutral curing, no corrosion was sticky surface excellent resistance to high and low temperature resistance and weathering performance
Fast curing, after curing with high adhesive strength for most building materials
No environmental pollution 
Main Specifications:
1  A component White uniform paste, Part B Black uniform paste
2  Pot life (min)    ≥15
3 Dry time (h)  ≤2
4 Sag (mm)   ≤1
5 Bonding time (h) ≤48, at a temperature of 23 ℃ ± 2 ℃, relative humidity of 50% ± 5%  
6 Tensile bond strength (MPa)   ≥0.7
7 Hardness (Shore A)   ≥35
 Products meet JC / T486 standard
8. A, B two distribution ratio (mass ratio) A: B = 11: 1 ~ 14: 1.
9. Vat Packaging: A component 200L iron inner diameter (567 ± 2) mm
                             B component 20L plastic bucket inner diameter of (285 ± 2) mm
    Drums: A component 20L plastic bucket, net weight 25Kg
                B component of net capacity 300ml 310ml plastic tube
11. Storage: At 27 ℃ or less cool, ventilated, dry place for 12 months.