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SIPRO-771 Two-component silicone structural sealant

Date:2016-05-16 16:25

SIPRO-771 Two-component  Silicone Structural Sealant is a two component room temperature curing neutral, high flexibility, high modulus silicone sealant. It has good adhesion and resistance to weathering performance, adjustable curing time.

Neutral fast curing, was sticky surface that is non-corrosive to most building materials without primer has good adhesion.

Structure assembly is mainly used for building hidden box walls can also be used to install automobile, shipbuilding and other pressure-resistant glass, sealed

Main Specifications:
1.  A component: White uniform paste,
      B component: Black, translucent homogeneous paste
2.  Sag:
       Vertically:  ≤1mm,
       Horizontal:   No deformation
3. Extrusion resistance:  ≤5s
4. Applicable period:  ≥20 min
5. Dry time:  ≤ 2h
6.  Shore hardness:   30 to 60
7. Tensile adhesion( Tensile bond strength)
    23 ℃: ≥0.8 Mpa
    90 ℃:  ≥0.6 Mpa
    -30 ℃: ≥0.8 Mpa
   After flooding: ≥0.6 Mpa
   Water - ultraviolet light after: ≥0.6 Mpa
   Bond failure area,%:     ≤5
8. UV-resistant ozone: continuous irradiation of ultraviolet 2500h, unchanged
9. SIPRO-771  should gluing machine mixing in a closed mixing system, A and B components at 12: 1 weight ratio uniformly mixed. Users can also be based on actual need to change the mixing ratio of the curing speed adjustment, A, B two distribution ratio (mass ratio) A: B = 11: 1 ~ 14: 1.
10. Vat Packaging: A component 200L iron inner diameter (567 ± 2) mm
                               B component 20L plastic bucket inner diameter of (285 ± 2) mm
      Drums: A component 20L plastic bucket, net weight 25Kg
                  B Component 310 ml plastic tube net capacity 300 ml
11.  Storage:  At 27 ℃ or less cool, ventilated, dry place for 12 months.